A Glorious Dawn

The buzzword around internet technology has been “metaverse”, particularly since the company formally known as Facebook rebranded itself as “Meta” a year ago in late October 2021. We’ve since that, all you hear is “metaverse this” and “metaverse that” no matter where you go. Surprisingly, a year later, still no one is really sure what the metaverse even is supposed to be. Today, I hope to possibly clear the air and give not only my definition of metaverse (as well as some other key definitions), but also my vision of the future of metaversal entertainment.

The word itself, metaverse; is actually a conglomeration of the words meta (meaning beyond) and the universe. The term was coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash. In the best-selling book, it describes an alternate reality with which humans can interact using virtual reality.

Having been involved in the PC gamer community for well over a decade, I can tell you that we have used words like this for years. Most games have multiple communities that are known as the “metagame” behind the larger game community. I’ve been active in numerous metagame groups throughout the years.

So yeah, metaverse. Ok.

I imagine that the metaverse will be a multi-entity, multi-branded, multi-platform collection of various virtual worlds. Each multiverse will have its own specific content available, competing against one another for brand superiority and the almighty advertising dollar.

The utopian idea of the metaverse will still be around, somewhere. I’m sure a number of the metaverses will strive to be that way, in fact. I know the XRadio Metaverse will strive to be utopian.

But there will always be an IOI. And someone will always have to be getting paid. That’s just the way of society.

But the idea of multiple metaverses is still an amazing idea. I’m hoping that there will be a universal hub to the many multiverses where all online can meet in times the need may rise, but maybe the users themselves can decide which hub is the best.

But already today, we can begin to see the idea of multi-mutiverses coming to fruition. In the year since Facebook became Meta and lit the powder keg’s fuse, a few corners of the internet suddenly started to quietly put together their own metaverses. Google the word metaverse today and I’m sure you will find a nice collection of metaverses, with names like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Horizon Worlds, Illuvium and more. Even games like Roblox and Minecraft have begun to shy away from its former primary youth audience to embrace becoming their own respective multiverses.

XRadio has been a part of the metaverse since before Zuck made it cool and immediately uncool again. Since our launch, XRadio has been actively embedded in the grandaddy of the metaverse itself, Second Life. Since 2003, Second Life has done what many are describing the future metaverse to do. I’m definitely not saying that Second Life is an ideal metaverse, but it is definitely an example of a successful model.

XRadio has indeed jumped into creating its own metaverse for our wonderful community of listeners. We’ve been doing this metaverse thing since we launched and have come to the conclusion that we would love to be a safe place where people can feel welcome in the imminent and exciting future. A place where people can come together not only to shop or look up information, but also a place for community and helping one another explore the vastness of the coming multi-metaverses. We’ll be that scout… that guide… that FRIEND in the metaverses, always providing an inclusive haven in your journey into the future.

We have already well-established ourselves in Second Life. We also now have the XRadio Metaversal Studio and HQ on the non-profit OpenSimulator grid, OSgrid. We will be opening a public Minecraft server in what should be a very short period of time. We will continue to explore these strange new metaverses and expand into them with you, so you don’t have to do it alone.

XRadio will be there. We will plant our flag and welcome you there with open arms into a safe haven in the multi-metaverses, a community joined together by one thing that binds us altogether – music.

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