The 2020 US Election: My Opinion

As we near the big November Presidential election, one that is in the midst of a pandemic, economic collapse, and most important – protest against systemic inequality… Americans are down to two picks, as usual. What we really need is vote reform that gives “Third Party” candidates a better shake, but that is a story for another time. Right now, we have to deal with choosing the oldest President in American History: 74-year old Trump or 77-year old Biden; two old, white men. Let’s get into that. Let’s see our choices as Americans here.

45th American President Donald Trump

Donald Trump

One choice is for more years of a megalomaniac that attacks Americans via social media (including his own CDC scientists), constantly lies and spreads falsehoods (while ironically calling all but a couple American media outlets “fake news”), posts videos to Twitter of white supremacists shouting “White Power” and calls the Black Lives Matter a “symbol of hate“. And let’s not even get into the many statements he has made about women, including his own daughters.

But we’re not here to dwell on that.

Let’s instead look at Donald Trump’s plans for a second term, shall we? He was in the most friendly setting he could possibly be in… a Town Hall on Fox News hosted by Sean Hannity… and was asked about his goals for a second term. Here is an actual transcript.

Actual Reply by Trump on Hannity about a second term.

When Hannity, one of the most pro-Trump broadcasters in the U.S. news media, asked the president the softball question of “What are your top priority items for a second term,” Trump did not articulate a single second-term goal of his. Instead, he offered a stream-of-consciousness narrative about the importance of the word “experience,” explained how he hadn’t spent much time in Washington prior to becoming president, and derided John Bolton (Trump’s former National Security Advisor, who had just published an embarrassing book about his experiences in the Trump administration) as an “idiot”:

Snopes –

Lofty goals. I guess he can use the second term to finish his first term objectives and unmet promises: Remember repealing ObamaCare… Building a southern Border Wall (and having Mexico pay for it)… or having Hillary Clinton jailed? None of this came to fruition, and neither did the other ridiculous campaign promises he made in 2016.

Democratic Party Candidate Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is no stranger to politics. He has a political career that spans nearly 50 years. During this time, he too has amassed a history of political fuck-ups and other wanton stupidity, including allegations of sexual misconduct. Not exactly much better than Trump, but I guess better, nonetheless.

So let’s look at Biden’s plans if he is elected President.

Biden at least has a plan.

Of the two, I see little choice personally. Too bad we don’t have viable third party candidates and a fair election system that doesn’t keep the same two tired parties in power. To be fair, The Libertarians and Greens are also once again fielding candidates as well.

Then there is always this buffoon.

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