Interview with an Anon: Ulrich

Greetings and Salutations:

Since my last article, I have been someone of an internet sensation. Apparently, interviewing Anons and talking about Anonymous operations makes one very popular in certain circles. Not only did my last article get me the most readers I have ever had, it also got me requests from other Anon “leaders” for interviews and getting information out. Hell, I was even quoted in an Anonymous video:

Greetings, citizens of the world.

This is an urgent message to my subscribers and those who are following the updates of Operation:Trump.
The leadership behind the original #OpTrump released a statement stating that the planned cyber-attack for the operation was a publicity stunt. When I released the video declaring war on Donald Trump, this was not my intention. When I read the statement, I made a quick decision to distance myself from operations in order to create a more extreme group named Operation Trump 2016.

Article from blogger, Jude Connors: “Was it an April Fools joke or not? To get that answer, you need to pick which Anonymous group you want to believe. One group has stated it was all an April Fools joke, whereas one group has actually DDoSed a number of Trump-related sites.

“However, a branch of Anonymous associated with the most-vocal Anonymous hacktivist, AnonymousLoyalist, made sure that it was NOT an April Fools Day joke. This group went on to DDoS quite a few of the Trump sites, starting in the wee hours of the day with the original target site down nearly as soon as the festivities began.

On April 1st the newly-formed Operation Trump 2016 faced many obstacles –  such as competing with #OpTrump; having to build a new network of contacts I could trust and creating possible plans that we could launch with the current resources we had. Regardless of these factors, we managed to take down the original targets of,, and, which prevented anyone from booking a Trump hotel online. When the day was over we considered our efforts to be successful under our new Operation Trump 2016.

We will not stop. We have kept down for the most part of the last five days. We are also working on many other plans. We have said April first was to only target Donald Trump but since then we have also targeted any website or contact affiliated with Trump. We have found that preventing these websites to advertise effectively slows down the Trunp propaganda machine. We will never stop until the election is over or if Donald Trump immediately resigns.

This is not the last you will hear from this operation.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Donald Trump, expect us.

recent video by Anonymous Loyalist

I got name dropped and quoted in an Anonymous video. How cool is that for an internet broadcaster/blogger?

Anyway, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and talking to quite a few Anons in the AnonOps IRC server, including people from #OpTrump 2016, #OpTrump, DenialSec, and even RadioAnonOps. One such Anon is Ulrich, and I had the honor of interviewing him recently:

Jude Connors: Thank you Ulrich for allowing me time to interview you today.
Ulrich: No problem. It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by you. You are well-received and well-respected in Anon circles.

Jude Connors: Heh. Thanks, man. My first question is simple, can you tell me more about your involvement in an Anonymous group… like when/how you got involved with the Anonymous idea?
Ulrich: Well, I was introduced to the Anonymous idea in 2008. I found out about it because my friends and I were always sick of seeing how people were being treated by their own government. Upon doing research, we came across Anonymous and the rest is history.

Jude Connors: Outstanding, eight years of history with Anonymous. So, what is your involvement with the current #OpTrump/#OpTrump2016?
Ulrich: Currently my role in the operation is that I am co-creator of the OpTrump2016 channel. AnonymousLoyalist and I started that channel when we realized the original creators of #OpTrump was claiming their threats as an April fools Day joke. We were disgusted and decided to take matters into our own hands. We now have a great number of followers in our channel and are proud of it.

Jude Connors: How do you think the Op has gone so far?
Ulrich: So far the op has been a complete success. We have not only been able to down Trump’s sites but we have had someone in our channel deface about 6 sites as well.

Jude Connors: Personally, why are you participating in this op?
Ulrich: I am participating in this op because I am completely against Trump. He has turned the United States political elections into a game show. He incites violence and, though he speaks his mind, he does not act as a leader of a country but more of a bully. He can not stick with one opinion and does not deserve to sit in the oval office.

Jude Connors: I agree with that 100%. How can more people get involved if they are interested? What skills should they have?
Ulrich:If people would like to join our operation they can watch or just join our IRC channel #OpTrump2016. As far as skills go, at least basic knowledge of anonymity, basic knowledge of how systems work, basic knowledge of how to perform a ddos, and though not necessary, skills in injection and defacement all help.

Jude Connors: Since DDoSing is illegal, why do you risk everything to DDoS Trump sites?
Ulrich: Of course a DDOS is illegal, but the reason I participate isn’t to hurt Trump. It’s to protect innocent citizens of the United States. If Trump becomes President, laws will be implemented that will cause harm and pain to innocent civilians, which I do not find acceptable.

Jude Connors: Here’s the most important question, how cool is dude, Jude Connors?
Ulrich: Jude Connors is the coolest guy alive!!!! He hangs out in our IRC and helps by providing information and intelligence.

Jude Connors: Yup. That’s me. LOL. Anything else you’d like to say before we close this interview?
Ulrich: Thank you for giving me your time, Jude. One last thing before I go. Trump will regret the day he ever decided to start his campaign. Speak to you soon!

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