#OpTrump2016 -Attack on the Fool

April 1st, 2016: #OpTrump – the all-out attack on the idiotic front-runner for the Republican Party Presidential nominee, Donald Trump – came to fruition. Now the question is; Was it an April Fools joke or not?

To get that answer, you need to pick which Anonymous group you want to believe. One group has stated it was all an April Fools joke, whereas one group has actually DDoSed a number of Trump-related sites.

Greetings, citizens of the world.
We are Anonymous.

We would like to begin with an expression of gratitude. Thanks to your (perhaps involuntary) help and support, we have gained exactly what we wanted. By announcing a DDOS against media darling Donald Trump, the media, enraptured by any coverage of him, gave us a platform to address the American public. Today, we release that message. Donald Trump will not be stopped by appealing to the better nature of his current supporters. While some are motivated solely by legitimate issues, most others are unwilling to hear any criticism of their white knight.

There is no DDOS. It’s only purpose was to gain attention, which this Operation needs. The DDOS is an April Fool’s Ploy, for it was symbolically planned on April 1st.

It bought us time, supporters, and information that we needed to continue doing the work that matters most. People flocked over to help the operation faster and more enthusiastically than ever before. We made progress that we could have not gotten done any other way.

On a lighter note, time has gotten us an immense advantage and we have a LOT in store for this op. This is NOT the last time you hear of this operation. We will be watching, and will act when the time is right.

Now that our objectives are clear, we think it is a good time to clarify it. People, time and time again, label OpTrump things such as “censorship” or “restricting Trump’s free speech”. This is NOT the case. OpTrump is the opposite of censorship; its goal will only be accomplished when the general public finally understands the violence and hatred that marks Trump supporters. Those who seek to hurt Trump by turning attention away from his supporters and onto his family are acting against OpTrump’s interests and should not be considered part of it. Even worse are those who would act violently against Trump supporters.

Whether Trump wins the nomination is in the hands of political elites. But whether he wins the general election is in the hands of voters. The more voters realize what it means to “Vote for Trump” the more they will be open to other options.

If you capture evidence of the darker nature of Trump’s supporters, post it on Facebook or Twitter with hashtags: #OpTrump
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain – and tag Donald Trump.

Prevent a violent future with a truthful present.

Let us reiterate: The point of this Operation is not to attack Donald Trump. Instead, it is going to try to give citizens some insight. Donald Trump might seem as an attractive choice of a president. He is funny, not as boring as most politicians, but citizens should realize the responsibility of the President.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

-reprinted from #OpTrump post by Beemsee, ClaudiaD, and Javi.

However, a branch of Anonymous associated with the most-vocal Anonymous hacktivist, AnonymousLoyalist, made sure that it was NOT an April Fools Day joke. This group went on to DDoS quite a few of the Trump sites, starting in the wee hours of the day with the original target site down nearly as soon as the festivities began.

— Anonymous Loyalist (@AnonLoyal) March 31, 2016

I personally spoke to AnonymousLoyalist and here is what he had to say about everything:

<AnonymousLoyalist> I created #OpTrump2016 because i made a promise to my subscribers and i wasn’t going to lets admins tell us what to do. After all #OpTrump would have like 5 people in it if it wasn’t for me.
<judeconnors> right on man
<judeconnors> and trufax
<judeconnors> truth is, you are the most-supported and outspoken anon
<judeconnors> many view you as a kind of leader
<AnonymousLoyalist> Yeah and in the #optrump channel i was de-opped and not even trusted by the admin
<judeconnors> that’s fucked up
<judeconnors> things like this op… it’s fun and what anons need.
<judeconnors> it serves many purposes… 1. attacking a fucking moron. 2. brings anons together. 3. gets message out. 4. reminds people of how important/powerful anonymous can be
<AnonymousLoyalist> Yeah #OpTrump was bound to fail with its lack of leadership [and] organization and they’re too fucking serious lol
<judeconnors> Can I get a few specifics as to results/stats/etc?
<AnonymousLoyalist> -Shut down: www.citizensfortrump.com half a dozen times in the last 24 hours.
<AnonymousLoyalist> -Shut down: www.TrumpInitiative.com and forced them to redirect it to www.IvankaTrump.com
<AnonymousLoyalist> -Shut down: www.TrumpHotelCollection.com briefly on multiple occasions.
<AnonymousLoyalist> Also seen supporters taken down trumpchicago.com earlier on and trumphotelcollection.com.
<AnonymousLoyalist> It was good last night just went on a spree holding down multiple websites as long as we could.
So was this an April Fools Joke or not? Well, even if it might have been originally intended as one, thanks to a group of anons in a chat room, it sure didn’t end up that way. And in the end, not only did #OpTrump2016 reach the intended goals of gaining time, supporters, and information that is needed to continue doing the work that matters most; it also gave Anons some fun while taking down the fascist known as Donald Trump. All in all, a good day… a very good fucking day.

Jude Connors

Donald Trump, how do you plan to protect America if you can’t even protect something as simple as your websites?
This is just the beginning. We warned you and you should have expected us.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Donald Trump, expect us.